Hello out there. All those collective thoughts must have reached Mother Nature. Spring is here! *happy dancing* I brought out my gardening tools and visited the nursery today. Tomorrow, pansies and hyacinth go in the ground.  For those of you who are not passionate gardeners, I’m sorry. 🙂

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Another snippet from Rhythm, Smoke, Inc. 3:

“There’s a nasty strain of flu going around; did you have your shot this season?”

“No, I never get the flu, and the shot seemed a waste.”

“What about birth control?” he asked casually as he looked into her left ear, “do you know your prescription?”

Holly tilted her head to accommodate the light he held and mumbled, “No.”

“That’s okay; I can look it up. It might be the cause of your nausea if you’ve recently made a change.”

“I don’t take pills other than aspirin.”

“Diaphragm, patch, IUD, Depo shot?”

After she shook her head indicating no for each, he finally added weakly, “So, no birth control.” His gruff voice telegraphed his disapproval.

“No, but it’s highly unlikely that…” Her stomach lurched, and she felt the blood drain from her head.

“Dancing is a perpendicular expression of a horizontal desire.”- George Bernard Shaw

Series Title: Smoke, Inc.

Working Blurb:

Marty Jones: I’ve got to be honest. I’ve always prided myself on my self-control. I even held it together when my wife, business partner, and the love of my life, died. But recently, I’ve felt myself unraveling, though I don’t know why. Smoke, Inc., the company Kit and I built together, is doing well. In fact, better than well since changing government policies offer new ways to make money.

Some opportunities are legal, others, the high paying jobs, are not. I’m dealing with it day by day, but being responsible for keeping the Smoke crew employed, paid, and alive, is taking its toll. I’m thirty-seven, feeling more like seventy three. I guess that’s why I signed up to participate in a charity dance-a-thon.  Now all I need is a partner who knows how to shuffle her feet.

Holly Smith: I admit I have hermit tendencies. My two besties, and an almost aunt are the only three people standing between me and complete anonymity; but really, how many connections does a human being need? I work two or three jobs at a time to support my passion–remodeling my house. Right now I’m refreshing my kitchen, but the cost of new sink hardware has halted my project.

Lucky for me, Aunt Maxine ask for a favor. Her client needs a dance partner and she thought of me because, according to her, I can dance to the sound of two pennies bouncing on a floor.  I’m not comfortable with being billed as one of Maxine’s Baby Doll escorts but it’s just a dance, and I’ll get paid enough to buy my fancy faucet, hopefully suffering nothing more than sore feet. What could go wrong?


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