Cat Nip

…tentative and dangerous. Delicious.

-Author, Jenna Jaxon
…an interesting twist on the one-night stand…

-Reviewer, S.J. Wesson

…[Sivad] make(s) a shoulder bump seem steamy…

-Author, Alexis Duran

…crackles with energy and tension…

-Author, Jeff Tsuruoka

Book 1

Cat Nip by Gem Sivad - Hunter's jaguar reflection

They call her Jinx, an unlucky witch with a reputation for casting erratic spells. But there’s more to Maggie than meets the eye. She’s a vessel of unfulfilled potential and she’s doing her best to sidestep evil as she uses her gifts for good.



But avoiding temptation gets trickier when a shape-changing predator watches her days, stalks her nights, and takes over her dreams.

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