Outrageous Pride

Unlikely Gentlemen
Frolicking Good Naughty Historical… Enjoyed books one and two, anxious for more… n2bluegrass, Review at Amazon
Irish brogue and innocent beauty,

captured from the beginning… Sandy, Review at Amazon

I’m in love with this book! K. Grounds, Review at Amazon
Outrageous Pride - by Gem Sivad

Book 2

ISBN- 9781626229051

Release Date- Sept 26, 2013

When Natalia Fitzwilliam discovers that she’s the love child of a Texas rancher, her nebulous wedding plans suffer a knock-out punch.

Bare-knuckle boxer Kellan Lonigan is in Texas inspecting his investments when he recognizes Miss Fitzwilliam as a damsel in distress. Kell offers Tali his name for protection, knowing that he intends to claim the biggest prize of all–Tali’s heart.

What could a bluidy Irishman and a sheltered miss find in common? Desire.

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