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Family: Quince

Comfort Parker Bailey Quince wears her string of names with pride. Before she married Owen Bailey, she was a Parker, from Perry County, Alabama. She wasn’t one of the highfalutin branch. Comfort belonged to the scrabble in the dust, do anything to survive including sell herself for food, poor side of the Parker clan. But, she dreamed of being rich someday and studied a copy of Godey’s Lady’s Book, determined to learn the mannerisms of her more affluent relatives.

Thankfully, Comfort has one very important asset–her brain. Though her tall, curvaceous figure, creamy skin, and thick wavy hair might also be considered an advantage by some, her beauty proves to be more curse than blessing when at an early age she’s left to fend off men and protect her younger sister.

When Comfort marries Hamilton Quince, a respected Texas rancher, she believes all her dreams have come true. Her husband is a man of substance who will cherish and protect her. A man she will always be able to trust.

And then the unthinkable happens. Hamilton brings home his son,conceived during an illicit night with another woman, and Comfort’s heart shatters into a thousand broken parts. Her fairy-tale dream is at an end. But,though she has no way of knowing it– her happily ever after has just begun.

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