Five Card Stud

Eclipse Heat

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5 Teacups and a Recommended Read Eden’s got to be one of the strongest heroines I’ve come across… Sam’s the ultimate man’s man and is absolutely delicious… Gem Sivad is a master with words.
5 Hearts I was mesmerized from the beginning. The scenes were action-packed and…quite erotic…the sensuality sizzling and very, very frequent.
4.5 Stars …where can a relationship between an embittered widow and a drifting bounty hunter go? The explosions of their sexual encounters are the stuff of dreams.
Alberta, Manic Readers

Release Date- (E) May 24, 2016

ISBN-  (E) 9781419929809

(P) 9781419968891

Family- McCallister 1883

Sam McCallister enjoys looking at Eden Pace across a poker table. She has to be the prettiest woman he’s ever seen, smart too, and the best card sharp he’s ever likely to meet. He has no doubt the lady gambler thinks she’ll empty his pockets in their game of stud poker. He’s got a hole card that says she’s wrong–a Wanted for Murder poster with Eden’s picture on it.

Eden’s doing her own outlaw hunting. She’s on the trail of the man who killed her husband. Though she’d like to forget the past and let Sam McCallister give her a future, she won’t do it. She’ll bring her husband’s murderer to justice or die trying. When Sam gets in the way of her goal, she uses seduction to free herself. But the hard-headed bounty hunter keeps dogging her steps, blurring the lines between pursuer and protector.

Eden’s got more trouble than Sam chasing her. She’s using herself as bait to unmask a master criminal. The monster knows who she is, and he wants her dead. But Sam’s not about to lose the woman he loves. He’s with her all the way in this high stakes game of chance, with hearts are on the table, death on the line, and nothing certain until the last card’s played.

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