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Bitter Creek Holler

A place of old magic where weird defines normal and witches and shifters live uneasily side-by-side.

Jinx: The Saga of Maggie Jenks

An untrained witch in the Old West struggles to control her magic and hide her gifts quickly enough to survive.

Unlikely Gentlemen by Gem Sivad
The ladies of Isaca are looking for love in unlikely places.
Eclipse Heat- by Gem Sivad
Three families—Quince, McCallister, Hawks—one town—Eclipse, Texas—all steeped in the battle for survival


Double-Q: 1843— Evan and Ambrosia Quince set up housekeeping in a one room cabin in the middle of a big patch of Texas land. Their two sons, Ambrose and Hamilton form a partnership when they inherit the Double-Q twenty years later.


MC3: 1845— Jonas McCallister had no money to buy, so he built a cabin on Kiowa land. Even before the Indian raid that killed his wife and stole his child, Jonas was such a brutal tyrant his daughter, Rachel, welcomed Apache captivity. When she returns to the McCallister ranch, she brings with her a son. Charlie Wolf joins his cousins, Robert and Sam, to become a deadly trio of bounty hunting men.


Hawks Nest Ranch: 1836— Henry and Gregory Hawks received a land grant of 9,000 acres in 1836. After the brothers built a cabin on the land, they immediately negotiated with the neighboring Kiowa chief for Indian wives. Daniel Hawks was born to Gregory and his wife and after surviving his parent’s death, spent most of his childhood with his mother’s people. As an adult, he trains horses for the cavalry and hunts wild appaloosas in his spare time. Although he has a cabin on Hawks Nest Ranch, he’s rarely there.

After his Kiowa wife leaves him, Henry Hawks raises their son, Grady, alone. Years later, as an adult, Grady inherits his half of Hawks Nest Ranch. But then he must fight bankers and corrupt politicians who are challenging his right as a half-breed to own so many acres of choice, Texas land.

Single Shots by Gem Sivad
Stand alone titles sizzling with erotic heat!

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