your Profile Photo, Image may contain: catHello out there. Happy belated St. Patrick’s Day to you! Just in case we can influence the will of Mother Nature, let’s all think, Spring.

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Another snippet from Rhythm, Smoke, Inc. 3:

“Make yourself at home.” Apparently her sarcasm was lost on him because he just grinned and kept on wiping down the cupboard.


Marty wasn’t cute, or handsome in a conventional way. He was big, but more than just being size extra-extra-large, his personality filled the room even when he kept his mouth shut.


His gaze lingered on her chest and without looking down, Holly knew her nipples were tenting the thin material of her tee.


“How you feeling?” His smile became down right wolfish.


Oh for God ’s sake. “Did you come to check on my health or fool around?”


“Is option two on the table?” he growled.


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