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Happy New Year, everyone! I’m posting one last time from Smoke, Inc. 3, Rhythm to finish the year. Last week Holly barfed all over Marty’s shoes. I chose that snippet b/c it’s pretty pivotal in the novel. Both of their worlds alter drastically from that point on. In this week’s snippet you’ll see why.

Marty stood beside the bed holding three boxes; two were opened, one not.


“You want to explain this?” he asked gruffly.


Screw him.Well, no, we did that and look how that worked out. “Don’t stand there and glare at me; how’s this for an explanation? You’re the frigging moron who wore a condom, didn’t put it on right, and the darned thing came off inside me. I should sue you for that, alone.  Your sperm got loose, my eggs came out to play, they tangoed–or maybe they did. Whatever you call it, stuff happened…”


He held up the box, squinted at the fine print, and muttered, “Says here 99.97% accurate; how many times did it—”


“Twice, three times if you count your on-call doctor’s test,” I murmured, crossing my arms defensively.

Blurb: Smoke Inc. CEO, Marty Jones needs a partner for a charity dance-a-thon. So, he hires a Marilyn Monroe look-alike from Maxine’s Baby Doll Escort Service. He expects nothing more than a warm body who can shuffle her feet.

Underneath all her quirks, serial job-hopper, Holly Smith is a tough, no nonsense, kind of woman. She doesn’t date, has two friends, and concentrates most of her time and energy on restoring the old house she bought at auction.

But boy, can she shuffle her feet–dancing. When her best friend asks her for help, she agrees to play partner to a local CEO at a charity dance-a-thon.

What could go wrong? 

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