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 Happy Holidays!

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Wishing health and happiness to everyone as we wind up 2017. I’ve missed you. It’s been one darn thing after another getting between me and weekend blogging during a pretty tough year.  Because of the Champagne and Cowboy Anthology that includes my novella, Cowboy Burn, I managed to keep the Smoke, Inc. series alive. Likewise, Taboo Frequency, my second  Smoke, Inc. series novella, appeared in Sable Hunter’s Hell Yeah, Kindle World and has gathered some cross-over readers.

And finally, Rhythm, the third story and first full novel in my Smoke, Inc. series, is ready. I am celebrating because I finished it, got a great cover by cover artist, Kristian Norris, and had time left to have it professionally print and digitally formatted by BB ebooks.

Smoke, Inc. 3 releases on Thursday, December 21st. Marketing has been the last thing on my mind, so… I’m scrambling to roundup Thunderclap Support   (see below) and hoping for a decent launch. However it goes, I’m happy with the book and hope I’ve given readers a big smile for the holidays. I’m sharing a Rhythm snippet below.

from Rhythm: “Hold these.” I handed Janie the shoes, reached under my skirt, unhooked the nylons, and began rolling the left one down and off. Maybe he heard my sigh of relief, because as I worked on the second one, Marty turned his head and watched me step barefoot on the carpeted floor.


I bared my teeth at him, daring him to make a crack. He didn’t. His expression remained blank, which made me feel like an exhibitionist.


When he returned to his conversation and stopped gawking at me, I tucked the hundred-dollar bill I’d been palming into a shoe along with the balled nylons. Normally I would have stuck it in my bra, but thanks to the Marilyn dress, I wasn’t wearing one.

~©Rhythm 2017

BLURB:Businessman and pragmatist, Smoke Inc. CEO, Marty Jones, needs a partner for a charity dance-a-thon. So he hires a Marilyn Monroe look-alike from his building tenant, Maxine’s Baby Doll Escort Service. All he wants is a warm body who can shuffle her feet.

Underneath all her quirks, serial job-hopper, Holly Smith is a tough, no nonsense, kind of woman. She doesn’t date, has two friends, and concentrates most of her time and energy on restoring the old house she bought at auction. But boy, can she shuffle her feet—dancing. When her best friend asks her for help, she agrees to play partner to a local CEO at a charity dance-a-thon.

What could go wrong?


I’m grateful for any support you can lend to my under-planned holiday launch of Rhythm, Smoke, Inc.3.

Merry Christmas!



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