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Meanwhile, I’m continuing with Marty’s response from my Smoke, Inc. title, Rhythm, following last week’s birds and bees discussion. I’ve edited to make it fit but it’s still a bit long. Sorry.

Hmmm… fifteen hundred dollars… “And this would be for…?” Holly murmured as she stared at the check that was not enough to raise a child alone, but too much for take-out dinner.


“I called a realtor friend and he said the houses in this area lease for twice that amount per month; I’ll pay you that much to rent a room, so I can be here while you gestate.”


Gestate? “Where do you come up with this stuff? Farm animals gestate; humans…” Okay, she didn’t know the term for a woman carrying a baby but gestation just sounded wrong.


“Concentrate on what’s important,” Marty growled, reverting to the overbearing ass she was reluctantly coming to know. “We’re gestating. Yes you’re the mother of my kid, but I planted the seed, and one way or another I’m watching him grow,”


“Well, I’m not renting you a room,” Holly muttered even as she stared at the check, itching to grab it up and stuff it in her pocket. Instead, she kept her twitchy fingers away from the money, and fixed her gaze on his chin.


“Look,” he said, “I didn’t force you; we both consented to sex. I personally thought it was great and I’ve done what I can to rectify your first disappointment. If you didn’t like the second taste of me, okay, I can live with never sleeping with you again, but,” he paused and leaned forward even more, “you don’t get the kid all to yourself. He’s half mine and I’m claiming him; besides, you need my money to make it happen right.”


Taboo FrequencyCowboy Burn– Rhythm


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