Hi everyone. It’s been a long time since I found my way here. Charmaine Gordon tagged me on FB the other day and invited me back. I hope you’ve all had a fantastic summer. I’m sharing a snippet from a paranormal novella I’m writing. Working title Mating Song, but  subject to change.

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Before she’d met Ian, it had been ages since Billie brought a man home. An now here he was for the fourth time, already stripped and walking naked around the room, studying the photographs she’d taken.

“It’s something the way you’ve caught the personality of each wolf; their eyes seem almost human in these pictures.”

“Let’s just say I’ve had a lot of time to study them,” she answered.

Ian shrugged and asked, “Same rules tonight?”

Yes,” she said, pointing at the mat. “I pin you and I’m in control; you pin me…” she stopped to snicker, “well you can try.”

“I’m ready for you tonight,” he said grimly, launching himself at her in a rush.

They waged skin to skin battle, their bodies slick with sweat, when Ian laid his full two-hundred and fity plus pounds across her and she pretended to be pinned.

God she loved playing with him and it would be hard saying goodbye; but it would be much harder explaining that sometimes she turned furry and howled at night.


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