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Hi everyone. Hope your spring is going well. During the Cowboy Candy sale ( was super) I found out about a new promo tool called Thunderclap. Check it out if you have a new book coming out. It helps you harness multiple social media platforms and reach mega numbers of potential buyers.

Anyway, I’m sharing another snippet from Wolf’s Tender today.

“Naomi—how come you remained unwed?” Charlie asked.

She blinked at the question, trying to discern his reason for asking before she told him the truth. “I guess I was just fortunate, no one ever wanted me.”

A rough growl escaped his throat and his gray eyes darkened to the color of pitch.

“What?” she asked, backing away from him.

He stalked after her, his manner predatory, never dropping her gaze. She retreated as if facing a true wolf; ready to spin and run, her foot grazed the blanket and she realized he’d herded her there. He pounced, sweeping her off her feet, removing her clothing with furious haste.

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Have a great week, everyone!!


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