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Now that Rhythm is ready for readers to find in both print and digital at Amazon, and is also listed in the Kindle Unlimited program, I’m suffering from launch-day fatigue. You’d think this was my first book. But hey, it feels that way.

For those of you (bless your hearts) who’ve followed me through the years, you know I wandered away from historical romance, into paranormal with my Bitter Creek Holler series, then sampled contemporary romance in two Smoke Inc. novellas last year, Taboo Frequency and Cowboy Burn.

I’ve had a lot on my plate at home (family illnesses) as well as in the authoring world. When my main publisher closed its doors and then was quickly followed by a second, I had to make fast decisions. Quit, find a new publisher, or enter the DIY world. I knew self-publishing would present a lot of work and a skill set I didn’t have. PUblishers were closing their doors faster than I could even get a query written. If I didn’t like writing stories so much, I would have quit. I had to start somewhere, so I started my self-publishing venture by re-publishing my historical Eclipse Heat series. Trust me. It’s been a tough learning curve.

Life and the world in general has evolved, and romance in its many forms, has changed as well. I’ve anazlyzed my books ad nauseum, trying to decide what I want to write, how much sex is too much, and what kind of words written by me, do I want my grandchildren to someday read.

Through all this, I’ve made an odd discovery. Although I’ve stumbled none too gracefully from one genre to another, all my books have one element in common. Humor. When I realized I’ve always gone for the laughs, even in dangerously sexy situations, something inside of me relaxed and I thought, Okay. This part I understand.

So no promises about what genre will find me next. But, for now, I’m invested in my contemporary romance series, Smoke, Inc. It seems doubtful that writing what I love will make me rich. But, it makes me happy. Here’s hoping it will make you smile as well.



Smoke Inc. 4, coming soon…

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