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Hi all. *Yawning* It’s an hour later this morning than my internal clock says it should be. Oh, well. Dare I whisper the word spring…?

While we all ponder the infinite possibilities in the weather, I’m sharing another snippet from Ursus Horribilis, my next self publishing adventure.

I’ll have to establish a strict routine for him; a schedule for therapy sessions. Nervously, Rhee prepared for the first visit with her patient.

She’d decided that she would consider herself his doctor, although, unlike Cousin Miz,  she couldn’t lay hands on Shep’s skull and cure him of being fuddled.

She was a spirit weaver. Her healing skills were more nebulous. She snorted.

Nebulous, unclear, imprecise, vague—all words for the same thing. I’m a light weight witch with no real talent.

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People are mean, life is hard, and then you die. Grab as much as you can on the way through. (The Rhee Hess mantra for survival.)


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Have a great week, everyone!!



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