Gem Sivad Spring Contest

Hey everyone. As well as seeing the names of many enthusiastic fans in the contest, I’ve found a bunch of great new friends. I’m working my way through the list of awardees and sending emails out now.

Drum roll…fireworks2

Winners  from my Spring Cleaning Contest Rafflecopter event:

Michelle G

$10 Gift Card (Choice of Amazon or Barnes & Noble)

Denise  S

Wild & Wicked Cowboys Magnetic calendar 

Ava C

Eclipse Heat Mug

MonaLisa S

Author signed print copy of Five Card Stud

Ami E

Author signed print copy of River’s Edge

Clare O

Choice of one digital title from my backlist


ARC (advanced reader’s copy) of Cerise Amour 

Siobhan Muir

An Eclipse Heat mug, because you want one &

 you’re a great author and friend! hugging emoticons

Next Dreamcatcher eZine coming in time for fireworks on the Fourth of July!

Thanks to everyone who entered for all of your support.


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